Your Father's Day Card Just Won't Cut It Anymore Next To This Grandpa's Dream Car

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It’s Monday, another dumb jerk is trying to blow everyone up, the Dodge Dart is dead. We all could use a little cheering up, so watch this video of a family surprising their patriarch with a Mercedes 450 SL. Grandpa’s got tears of joy and everything is wonderful and perfect.


Oh, and not only is it in amazingly restored condition, and not only is it the color of a piece of Werther’s originals, but the car used to belong to Christie Brinkley as well.

“We’re going to bury him in the damn thing,” one family member opines, because they are practical.


How’s that as a gift for an old man?

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It’ll be a bit easy to get my dad’s dream car in the future. A last gen Lincoln Towncar. Even in 30 years lol :]

When I’m an old grandpa, my kids will struggle finding a 1996 Impala SS

Nothing fancy in our fam I guess :]