Laying eyes on any International Travelall in excellent condition is a rare treat on its own, but this is far from just any International Travelall. This particular 4x4 was built to late actor John Wayne's custom specifications for use on his ranch. If putting the Duke's Travelall in your garage seems like an appealing proposition the truck is currently listed on Ebay, but be prepared to have a showdown with the staggering seven figure asking price.

When you are a movie star as big as John Wayne you can add gun ports and raised roofs to pretty much any vehicle you desire. Wayne chose this 1966 Travelall as the ideal vehicle to modify for use on his "Red Eye Ranch" in Arizona. The hatch and raised roof made it easy for Wayne to stand and shoot at the correct height while hunting antelope. Other modifications to the Travelall, nicknamed "The War Wagon" by Wayne's son Ethan, included heavy duty shocks, extra spring leaves, extended steel bumpers and a medicine cabinet in the back.

Texas state Rep. Joe C. Pickett (D-El Paso), who currently owns this truck, believes construction of the Travelall was inspired by the vehicles used in Wayne's 1962 safari film "Hatari". Although many have mistaken this vehicle for one of the ones used in the film, but it was constructed several years afterwards. This truck is believed to have been shipped to
Africa for safari at one point, but this story is unconfirmed.

Pickett's asking price for this awesome IH is nearly as large as the state he represents—an amazing one million dollars. With less than a day left on the listing, the truck still hasn't sold. We aren't sure how long it will take for this Travelall to sell at this asking price, but if and when it does it will surely set a record for the most expensive International Harvester ever sold.

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