Your Car Can Be Your At-Home Swolemate

Welcome to the very first installment of Jalopnik at Home, The Workouts, where I, Erica Lourd, a wannabe fitness expert, give you fun exercise ideas involving your car. Seeing as Alanis King, former Jalop/ actual fitness instructor (RIP) isn’t here to tell me not to, I thought it would be a great idea to show all of you how to get super yoked, using your car.

Ok, so a few disclaimers before you rush to the comments to tell me about how I am an idiot. First of all—I agree, so that doesn’t hurt me. Secondly, I am not an actual fitness instructor, just someone who has attended a lot of fitness classes, (used to, pre-pandemic) rock climb, and lifted weights from time to time. So, theres a chance I don’t know everything. Third, and most important—do not attempt these if you have an injury that you feel these moves would aggravate.


So just put on your gym attire, grab your 2007 Nissan Sentra, and— oh, you don’t have a Sentra? Your loss. Just kidding- most cars should be ok for the workout, thats assuming you don’t have a Raptor or something else with crazy high ground clearance that would make the tricep dips and the bridges pretty difficult, if not impossible, if you aren’t really tall.

I love working out almost as much as I love The Cars, and I hope you’ll join me in trying some of the moves in this video. These trying times are tough for those of us who go to the gym daily. Thats why I am here, making these videos, to instill some hope back in your heart.


This episode is specifically for full body bodyweight workouts (meaning you don’t need any equipment), but trust me, I have ideas for exercises with car parts. Just you wait. Watch above to see what I picked out for the bodyweight edition of Jalopnik’s car workouts.

Video Producer for Jalopnik. In a committed relationship with her 2007 Nissan Sentra named Layla.


Dubblewhopper- dubblewubble the fun!

You can probably get the same workout by purchasing a Lotus Europa and try to enter and exit the vehicle.