Your Best Chance To Own A Focus RS In The U.S.

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A dealership on the wrong side of the Texas border is offering up a 2010 Ford Focus RS to the first person with $45,000. Of course, you'll still have to do the importing on this bright-green slice of heaven.

Yes, a copy of the Focus RS, one of the most obnoxiously cool hot hatches on the market right now, is sitting in a Ford showroom in Mexico, taunting us from across the border. It was imported by Ford of Mexico and on the open market for the right person with the right amount of cash. If you're a US citizen, it's perfectly legal to buy it, the trouble might come if you want to drive it. Importing it to the US will require approval from the EPA, DOT and Customs and Immigrations, but it would totally be worth it. (Hat tip to Eric!)


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A 'trick' I learned from somebody who wanted a new 'classic' VW beetle back in the mid '90s...

Buy a car with the same chassis. In this case, a regular Focus. Drive it down to Mexico. Buy the NEW car, in this case the Focus RS. Swap the VIN tags, as well as the chassis (Otherwise it's fraud!). Sell the old Focus (Now with RS Chassis), and drive back.

Expensive? Sure. Impractical? Sure. Jalop? HELLS YES.