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Young Person Tries To Run Across Busy Intersection And Rams Into Tesla Instead



Bellevue, Washington police are looking for this person. He’s described as a “juvenile,” who was also carrying a skateboard. On Wednesday, around 12:40 p.m., he tried something we all have tried at least once, perhaps while also carrying a skateboard. He tried to race across an intersection against the light. As you can see, he failed.

He appears fine in the video, getting up to run away, though the car, a Tesla Model X, came off a little worse, with dents to its side panels and some damage to its driver’s side mirror. Which is not an insignificant amount of damage. That’s bad.


And yet, there is a good thing about this video. The good thing is the running stance the young man gets into just before taking flight, like he was on the starting line of a track meet. He really thought he was going to make it! His perfect form assured that nothing would be left to chance.

From KOMO:

The driver stopped and told officers she was heading west on NE 8th Street at about 35 mph when the man ran into the side of her SUV. Police described him as a “juvenile”, wearing a dark hoodie and blue backpack.

Do you know this person? Are you this person? Bellevue police would like to speak with you.

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I know I’m probably going to get all sorts of “ermagerds you’re a terrible person” replies but it’s honestly a shame that the idiot got up and walked away from this. Just a second earlier and we’d have had a pretty damn good “this is what happens to dumbasses” teachable moment. Instead some asshole wrecked a person’s shit by being a dumbass and is likely going to get away with it.