You'll Pay A Little More For The 2017 Subaru WRX But You'll Get A Nicer Headliner

Woo! (Image: Subaru)
Woo! (Image: Subaru)

Subaru has announced that the 2017 WRX will start at $26,695, $100 more than last year’s car, and will top out around $33,000. The higher-performance WRX STI starts at $35,195 and rings up right around $40,000 with every option.


Here’s the big breakdown:

Model/TrimTransOption CodeMSRPWith destination/ delivery ($820)
WRX Premium6MT11, 12$28,995$29,815
WRX PremiumCVT11$30,195$31,015
WRX Limited6MT21, 22$30,995$31,815
WRX LimitedCVT21, 23$32,195$33,015
WRX STI6MT02, 03$35,195$36,015
WRX STI Limited – Wing6MT21$39,995$40,815
WRX STI Limited- Low Profile Trunk Spoiler6MT21$39,995$40,815

And how those trims line up with available options:

CODE 01 Standard WRX Model


CODE 11 Standard WRX Premium Model


CODE 12 7.0” MultiMedia Audio w/harman/kardon amplifier and speakers$1,600
CODE 21 Standard WRX Limited Model


CODE 22 WRX Limited Navigation System + harman/kardon amplifier & speakers + Keyless Access & Start + Blind Spot Detection+ Rear Cross Traffic Alert$2,600
CODE 23 Navigation System + Harman/kardon amplifier & speakers + Keyless Access & Start + Blind Spot Detection + Rear Cross Traffic Alert + EyeSight$3,795
CODE 02 Standard WRX STI Model


CODE 03 Base WRX STI Navigation System + harman/kardon amplifier & speakers + Keyless Access & Start + Blind Spot detection + Rear Cross Traffic Alert$2,600
CODE 21 Standard WRX STI Limited Model


The body style won’t change from the design that arrived for the 2015 model year, but a few dabs of farkle have been added to the options list. Blind spot detection and rear cross-traffic alert are new for 2017.


All WRXs are getting the “nicer” headliner previously only spec’d on the higher trims, and one-touch windows for both front doors are also new. The STI gets automatic headlights.

Bring me that horizon. (Image: Subaru)
Bring me that horizon. (Image: Subaru)

The WRX will run the same 268 horsepower 2.0-liter turbo boxer engine; the STI version gets the juiced 2.5-liter motor with 305 HP.

Not a lot to talk about from a performance standpoint, unless getting your windows up and down more easily will help your lap times somehow. But the Subaru WRX and its angrier STI-spec sister are still solid values for new and practical performance cars.


Now when’s the wagon coming back?

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