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You'll Never Ever Ship Your Car After Seeing This Video

Sweet mother of all that is right with the automotive world, this car shipping video is terrifying.


V TV reports that this is the cargo ship Astongate carrying used cars from Toyama, Japan, to Vladivostok, Russia in May, 2013 lost no less than 52 cars on the voyage. The ship only set off with 64 cars onboard!

The video description further states that the owners of these cars signed a document saying they were transporting their vehicles at their own risk.


But come one, these things don't even look like they were ever even tied down. Heavy storms between Japan and Russia are understandable, but how poorly these cars were handled is not.

That's it. I'm never going to ship my car. Never. Never ever.

(Hat tip to Swisstony!)

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Looks like there are straps all over the ground. Likely one snapped and the extra strain on the rest caused them to break as well, or the ice helped cars slide out from under the straps with all the rocking and rolling. Pretty crazy.