You'll Love The Police For Giving A Woman A Ticket For 2 MPH Under The Limit

There are a lot of little things that annoy me on the roads. One is a slow driver in the left lane on the highway. Seems like that annoys Maryland cops too, because they just ticketed a woman for doing 63 in the fast lane in a 65 zone. Good for them.

The driver, who has remained anonymous, said that she slowed down because of high winds in the area and she didn't feel safe. Winds were gusting up to 40 MPH on Friday, so I do understand why she'd slow down.


That's not the issue.

The issue is that she slowed down in the left lane which impeded traffic. If she had just combined that slowing down with a tap of the blinker and a few cautious moves to the right, there would have been no issue.

Cops pulled her over for failing to move right because she was going 63 in a 65 zone, which slows everyone else down as well.

Of course, the AAA thinks the ticket is "silly" and "sends the wrong message." It's actually the opposite. The message it sends is 100 percent accurate. If you feel you need to slow down due to road conditions, feel free to do so. Just don't do it in the left lane.


The driver is going to fight the ticket in court. I really hope it doesn't get overturned. This sets a great precedent.

Kudos to you, Maryland State Police, for standing up for what we've all been saying for years.


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