You'll Get Shot If You Break Into Any Detroit House

Last year I wrote a headline that read "You'll Get Shot If You Break Into This Detroit House." Well, that should be updated. Almost every time there has been a burglary lately, the burglars have been shot by the homeowners.


Earlier this morning, a homeowner shot and killed two men breaking in his home on the city's west side. Ordinarily, that wouldn't be big news and chalked up to protection of property — if only for the fact that this wasn't the tenth time it has happened in the city this year.

Among other incidents, per the Freep, include a 17-year-old killed breaking into a home, a woman shot and killed breaking into a home, a mother shooting three teenagers breaking into her home and an 82-year-old using a hammer to fight off a 33-year-old intruder.


Turns out, Detroit leads the nation in justifiable homicides at the hands of citizens, according to The Detroit News.

Detroit has traditionally had a large percentage of the nation's justifiable homicides by citizens. In 2012, the last year for which national figures are available, there were 25 justifiable homicides in Detroit, which made up 8 percent of the 310 seen nationwide. Last year, there were 15 justifiable homicides in the city.


Usually in years past, administrators and political types might be more politically correct, but newly installed police chief James Craig isn't holding back in his sentiments. "This should be a message to those who continue to perpetuate violence on Detroiters that enough is enough. You've got to be concerned about good Detroiters who aren't going to stand for it," he told reporters.

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