Remember when showing off your Civic meant a fart-can exhaust and a completely useless deck-spoiler? I'm glad we have moved beyond that too. Now that we are a little older and wiser we can appreciate a truly magnificent modified masterpiece. Behold this K20 swapped 1979 Honda Civic.

Brought to us by the fine folks over at Bring a Trailer, the car is currently listed on Auto Scout 24, a Dutch website, for an asking price of 15,000 Euros (aprox. $19,445 USD). But this is far beyond just a museum piece. The stock motor and automatic transmission was expertly replaced by a K20 unit out of an RSX type S mated to a six speed manual transmission. This silver rocket has a claimed output of about 260 horsepower. That is almost 400% more than stock!

In addition to the added power, a custom suspension lowers the car slightly and stopping power for all those ponies comes care of Wildwood disc brakes siting at all four corners. Topping it all of are a set of 7" wide, zero offset banana spokes wrapped in 195/34-15 Toyo Proxes.


The interior is bare, simple, and pretty much time-period perfect. You will find leather seats including OEM stitching and a class Civic RS wood-rimmed steering wheel. Of course no modded Civic would be complete without aftermarket shift knob, but this billet aluminum piece is didn't come from a Pep Boys discount bin.


Of course for nineteen grand you can have your self a brand new Civic, but we all know that modern Hondas, while reliable, just don't have the magic they once did. So I challenge you to find another Honda that has both the restored vintage look and monster sleeper status.

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