You, Too, Can Go Drifting And Here's How To Do It

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You, too, can be Hoon of the Day. You! Yes, you! All I’ve ever wanted to be is Hoon of the Day, and one way is to go drifting and get gloriously sideways. Drifting is a wonderful fit-for-YouTube motorsport, and here’s how YouTuber Chris Fix finally got a car together and went drifting.

Chris been building a Ford Mustang for the art of nuking tires, and he’s opted to keep it mostly stock to get a good idea of what he wants to mod in the future. That seems like a smart move, too, because as our own Raphael Orlove found out, purpose-built drift cars are super hard to handle. Besides, the same qualities that have made the Mustang the scourge of Cars and Coffee make it a fabulous oversteer monster to enjoy within the safe confines of an organized drift event.

Chris was one of two novices at the Club Loose event at Raceway Park, which gave him ample time to practice, practice, and practice some more. Seat time—as with any motorsport—is key!

Best of all, Fix has a host of videos on how to get ready for sweet, sweet organized, legal hoonage, including one specifically on how to pass tech:

The saga of the Mustang is well documented on his YouTube channel, which you can dig through here. The best part is, any of you can do this.


Go forth, and learn to hoon. Be the hoon. Hoons wanted.