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The two-class GT car series in Japan is back for a new season of incredible nose-to-tail racing, and thanks to Nissan’s efforts on YouTube, you can watch the whole race for free. The grid is packed with international talent, and the cars are incredibly prepared. With GT500 efforts from nearly every Japanese manufacturer, plus international FIA GT3-spec cars allowed in the GT300 class, this series is arguably better than DTM was in its prime. It’s also the only series you can watch a Prius run faster than a Lamborghini.

With great racing, great racers, great cars, and great commentary from the very knowledgeable team of Sam Collins and Rob Barff, this 82 lap race is more entertaining than watching Formula 1 this morning, or NASCAR this afternoon. Any series that can put dozens of race cars on track, feature a tire spec war, and showcase multiple passes for position is alright by me. It watches very much like a couple-hour touring car race.


To get a quick primer on the difference between the GT500 class and the GT300 class, check out the screen shot at the top of this post. The Nissan GT-R on the right is GT500 spec, while the Nissan GT-R GT3 on the left is GT300 spec.

You can check out this weekend’s race here below, and every round of the series will be featured on NISMO TV with commentary in English, so keep an eye out for that.

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