You Probably Want To Watch Chris Harris Drive The Ferrari 488 GTB

It’s a safe assumption, so let’s just get to it.

Yes, yes, yes. First mid-engine V8 turbo Ferrari since the F40. Six-hundred-seventy horsepower. Five-hundred-sixty pound-feet of torque. Lighter than the 458. Two-hundred horsepower more than that ye ol’ F40. These are all things you know and you’re not even reading these words because you’ve already pressed play and are listening to Chris waxing poetic about throttle control and connection and steering and whatever... Mr. Harris, you have the floor.


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That’s so fast and powerful and technical I feel like a Manual gearbox would make the car worse...something that really hurts to say. Each new iteration of the supercar is so much faster were closing in fast on the limit of human capabilities. What do you folks think? Would this make the car better?