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You Probably Shouldn't Let Your 5-Year-Old Kid Do Burnouts

After filming his 5-year-old son doing a burnout in the driveway, 9News reports that police towed an Australian man’s car away on Saturday. The man cheered his son on and told 9News that he “knows a hell of lot” for being 5 years old, but really, is a kid even supposed to be in the front seat at that age? No.


The father, Alex Dobson, posted the video on Facebook with the proud caption reminding us all that “a car addiction stops a drug addiction.” Dobson told 9News that he’s been taking his son to burnout competitions since birth, which totally qualifies his kid to do this. Yeah.


Dobson learned pretty soon after writing that caption that there could be some worries associated with letting his son do the burnout, and told 9News that he’s beginning to regret the post “because how far it’s gone and the consequences.”

The video went viral with more than four million views on Dobson’s original Facebook post, and 9News reports that police seized his Holden Commodore just three days after he posted it.

While you should (probably) never let your kindergarten-aged child do a burnout in the driveway, Dobson’s Commodore might not have been confiscated simply due to his son’s age. Australia has these funny things known as the anti-hooning laws, which let police take your car if you do stuff like, oh, a burnout.

According to an apparent legal website of Australian lawyer Geoff Harrison, police have up to 10 days to take the car and will return it within three months. Dobson had to watch his “pride and joy” be taken from the driveway, but it looks like he’ll get it back soon enough.


That’s just dad’s version of timeout, son!

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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They can confiscate your car for doing a burnout on your own property? That’s ridiculous!