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Let's just put it this way: We never made it to Webelo status, so "Be Prepared" was never fully burned into our consciousness as though by a hot brand on the flank of a longhorn. And since we don't have an Automotive News subscription, we can't give you details on this one. But apparently, Mitsubishi is considering withdrawing from the American market if the new crop of redesigned vehicles don't sell. Mitsubishi: we have a proposal for you. Click through for salvation, whoaaooh.

Mitsubishis. Y'all once had a reputation for building light, fast cars. The Mirage Turbo. The DSM Eclipses. The Mighty Starion. As Jeremy Clarkson once asked, "Should you buy a car built by an aeroplane maker?" This current Eclipse business is all wrong. Wrong-wheel drive. Sure, you've got the Evo, but there's a niche that's unfilled: A fast, light RWD grand-tourer in the low-to-mid 20k range. Now listen: Start in the high teens for the stripper version. Naturally-aspirated four. Independent rear end. Minimal amenities. Next, add a turbo, pump the power up to around 220hp and sell it for around 23k. Then maxing out around 28 thousand samoleons, drop in the Evo motor and call it the Starion A6M. We'll take ours in olive drab with a big red meatball on the side. [Thanks to Bumbeck for the tip.]


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