You Never See One: Marcos Mantula V8

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When it comes to British cars made purely of plastic and V8s, I'm a TVR guy. Then again, once I saw a Marcos parked on the street in London, I had to salute the mad geniuses who made it happen.

Usually, what you have to do when you come across a sad-looking Marcos Mantula on eBay is to throw your computer/phone/tablet/router out of the window without hesitation, accept that you should not be buying a Marcos for any reason, and grab a pint in a nearby pub with preferably no WiFi in sight.

Unfortunately, Martyn Phillips couldn't follow these simple steps because he had a Marcos on his wall during his childhood instead of a Lamborghini Countach like every normal man. The problem with that is while you most likely won't ever be able to afford a Countach, you sure can grab a basket case Marcos when the stars align just right.


And from that point, you'll progress to do a complete frame-off restoration. You'll also jam a 5.0 in to replace the 3.5 Rover V8, because you want to be faster than all those fools you call your friends at the Marcos Owners Club of Great Britain.

Mr. Phillips is doomed for sure, but looking at his car, we can't blame him for it.

Photo credit: Jonathan Moore via Speedhunters

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Wow. The fit and finish is better than any TVR that ever existed.

And 300 hp pushing 820kg ?

(No offense, Brazilians.)