"You never expect to be hit by an airplane"

A family in a Toyota Sienna minivan were driving down a New Orleans street this weekend when a single-engined plane suddenly appeared in front of them. Unable to dodge the low-flying Piper's wings the two collided. Quick, someone call the Farmer's insurance university professor guy.


Police say 60-year-old Houston Hunter was flying over Lake Ponchartrain to drop off his grandson when the engine on his 50-year-old Piper suddenly starting cutting out on him. Unable to return to the airport, Hunter set down on West End Boulevard in New Orleans.

Unfortunately, a family of four and their grandmother were coming from the opposite direction in their minivan. We'll let the daughter's translation of the grandma explain what hat was like "She thought she would die… she never thought that she would see a plane in her face."

Both vehicles sustained major damage but neither the family in the van nor the pilot suffered serious injuries.


Photo Credit: AP/Gerald Herbert

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