You Need To See This Guy Evading Police By Driving Through A Russian Airport

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It’s a cold day in Mother Russia, but of course it’s always cold. 2016 is nearly over, Christmas is days away, and you’ve been stopped by police. You’re there to meet your girlfriend, but if you’re stopped, she’ll think worse of you. She’d bet you a Snickers bar that you would be to her terminal on time. You think that if you drive through the glass doors into the Kazan airport, you can probably get away. Drop it in gear and hammer down, Comrade.


That is a close approximation to what must have been going through Ruslan Nurtdinov’s mind the night of the incident. According to a report from Realnoe Vremya, Nurtdinov had separated from his wife and mother of his three daughters, as well as lost his job. He was attempting to gain entrance to the airport runway to perhaps convince his new flame to stay with him. He presented a romantic case in court, but the cops weren’t buying it.

“Why didn’t you meet her with flowers in the terminal?” asked a Realnoe Vremya reporter.

“I was planning to come and meet. Due to the fact that I was harassed, I was forced to do that way,” was Nurtdinov’s reply.

It’s worth mentioning that Nurtdinov claims he was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and that he remembers clearly his decisions. Police say different, claiming he was impaired at the time of the incident, and that they found additional drugs and paraphernalia in the car after the fact. Nurtdinov claims the evidence was planted.

Nurtdinov was arrested and put in jail for 15 days for possessing drugs, and was charged with attacking police officers and property damage. The airport estimated the cost of repairing the damage to be around six million rubles, or about 91,000 dollars.

The security footage from the airport, with Yakity Sax already dubbed over it, was first posted the day after the incident. It’s been making the rounds on Twitter again recently, and was brought to our attention by @DigitalNeal. Hopefully he still knows what to believe in.

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