You Need To See This Deformed Lexus SC For Sale

Well, at least most of it is for sale. We don’t know what happened to the rest.

Here’s a Lexus SC400. Nice car! Big V8 engine, rear-wheel drive and classic long hood/short deck proportions. Wait, no, something’s not right here.


It appears that the entire back end of the car is gone. Just. Whoosh. Snip snip.

If you don’t look at the back, the thing looks totally normal.


And the interior, even, seems pretty minty.


I had actually seen a picture of this very car circulating around the internet the other day and had simply assumed the thing had been in a massive rear-end accident and all the damage was cut away. The seller claims this is not so in the thing’s eBay listing:

I purchased this car from the original owner when it had 66,000 miles. It truly drove like a new car and considering the age, the finish spoke of the care it had had. While a fan of the SC400 (I have another one with 28,000 original miles) I also wanted a look of a Corvette so I had the rear end of the car (there was no accident damage to the car) cut off and replaced with 14 ga steel to give a different look. I don’t know if I like it or not but it certainly attracts attention.


Certainly it does! The seller claims that the car’s drivability “has not suffered at all,” and that it handles better than before.

You yourself could test this out. The car is listed in Chandler, Arizona, and the current bid is shockingly low.


(Hat tip to Thomas!)

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