You Must Watch This Glorious V10 Lamborghini Turn Its Tires Into Dust

GIF via Donut Media

“Now I’m going to drive the crap out of this Lamborghini!” may be my new favorite phrase. It’s what the Lamborghini Huracán needs. Deserves. Demands.

Stina Hübinette’s favorite feature on her Lamborghini Huracán LP580-2 is a hydraulic handbrake that makes the insanely powerful rear-wheel-drive V10 supercar get fantastically sideways with the yank of a handle.


Why don’t hydraulic handbrakes come stock on these cars? It would make the world a better, smokier, driftier place.

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It’s what the Lamborghini Huracán needs. Deserves. Demands. 

(sits back, enjoys popcorn)