You May Think You’re Hardcore, but You Probably Don’t Drive a Classic TVR

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There’s swagger, and then there’s blasting around in a 1963 TVR Grantura with driving gloves and an animal print shirt. Gregorie Desmons here is on another level, and if you haven’t developed an appreciation for early TVRs yet, I have a treat for you.

Desmons rattles off a bunch of car enthusiast clichés as he tells Petrolicious about why he drives this deliciously dark blue vintage sports car, and who can blame him, the thing really is art on wheels.

The body is so tiny that even the little wire-spoked wheels here seem enormous. And the proportions of the stubby cab to the long nose make the car almost look like a caricature. It’s even more of a clown shoe within the long roof’d BMW Z3.

This vehicle is not exactly capable of escape velocity, the car is powered by a modest 1798cc MGB engine with an HRG crossflow cylinder head. When it was new, it should have been good for a little less than 100 horsepower with 0 to 60 time of almost 11 seconds and a top speed of 108 mph.


The TVR Car Club explains that these were in production from the early to late 1960s, but it’s said that only 90 cars in the same spec as the one you see here were built.

It looks like you can find one for about $30,000 these days... if you can find one at all.