Your Kids Will Shit Their Squarepants For This Spongebob Minivan

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Does this friendly-faced minivan give you the giggles? What are you, fucking nuts? I'd have to sleep the lights on for a week if I saw this rolling wall of terror in oncoming traffic. Go ahead and feed your kids to it though, they'll love every fucking second of it.

This once-proud Toyota Sienna has been skinned alive and rhinoplasty'ed into an undrivable hellchariot that will be making the rounds to places kids hang out this winter. Like, you know, Bass Pro Shops I guess.


I'd like to see the raging badass who would dare climb into this monstrosity. They say whoever can drive it; gazing through The Sponge's own eyes and getting their legs chopped off by the absurdly impractical steering wheel, will be the rightful heir to Neptune's barnacle-encrusted throne. So there's something to shoot for.


That circle-thing on the top is a bubble-cannon, apparently. Or maybe it's a portal through which The Sponge can summon sea creatures that will sing to you. Either way, you kids are going to go berserk and pretty much never shut the fuck up about it when they see it.


Which seat would you rather be water-boarded with marketing material in?

Images via Toyota

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