You Have To See This Unbelievable Ferrari 458 "Horror" Crash

Ferrari 458s were racing at Suzuka when one of them was involved in a simply insane accident. The driver and a corner worker were injured, but should be ok. That's unreal, because this is one of the worst accidents I've ever seen.


This occurred in late April during the Ferrari racing days at the famed Suzuka circuit. Driver Shigeru Terajima was driving his yellow 458 when something went very wrong on the front straight. The car spears right after pit out, hitting the safety barrier. The car basically disintegrated.

Amazingly, Terajima and the nearby corner worker survived the crash. Terajima is in serious condition at the hospital, but it sounds like he'll pull through. The corner worker is also in the hospital, but he seems to be in better shape than Terajima. Unbelievable.

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So...what's with the blankets? Blocking view of the accident? Seems strange.