You Have To See This Huge Civic Nürburgring Crash

This Honda Civic crash on the Nürburgring is one of the worst I've ever seen. Amazingly, the driver was fine.

The uploader of this video reports that thanks to the car's roll cage, the driver survived and was able to get out of the car himself, though he was flown to the hospital.

Another YouTube commenter claiming to be the previous owner of the car claims this particular Civic "had a fia roll cage seat and belts. otherwise he [wouldn't be] so lucky."


The YouTube uploader goes on to say that the video should serve as a warning for spectators thinking they can hang right on the guardrails along the Nordschleife.

Man, this crash is terrifying.

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That does not look particularly horrific. Even without the roll cage, there was no roll or impact likely to smash the drivers' compartment that badly. If the drivers' feet were intact, the A pillar and back would have been OK. If he'd rolled that would be different.

I've seen a SUV roll 5 times through rush hour traffic (amazingly, hit nobody), a gasoline tanker truck explode, multiple car fires including one the occupants were lucky to get out of, and there was a 7-car wreck right in front of me on my way home on Friday. I appreciate that this driver had a big crash, but seriously. There are far worse.