You Ever Drift A Tank So Hard You Flip It?

What, you think some fully sikkk drifts y0 were limited to guys in Nissans? Aw hell no. Check out some sweet dorifto in a Russian made T-72 tank with a Kuwaiti crew at the controls. Aw hell yessssssss, until it all goes wrong.

There’s actually some pretty sweet tank drifting and water fording in general in this video, but the real operative moment comes around 1:53 in (the video should be all queued up already, but if it somehow isn’t through the magical powers of Kinja, you know what to do). I’m no fluent speaker of Russian, but I’m pretty sure you can hear the guy recording the video go all “oh man, I’m putting this on Youtube for sure.”


The ridiculous tank driving comes to us courtesy of Russia’s International Tank Biathlon Championship, which, in addition to featuring the host country’s T-72s and China’s Type 96As, also features T-72s from the traditionally glorious tank warfare nations of Angola, Armenia, Venezuela, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Serbia and Tajikistan, according to Russia Today.

Alright, so it might be some of the tank world’s B-team. But at least they can do some fully sikkk drifts.

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Mocking India’s tank warfare history is strong ignorance from FoxtrotAlpha. Some of the largest tank battles since WWII have taken place during the Indo-Pak wars.