You Don't Mess With The Zibar-M

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When you're dealing with a military budget of a country surrounded on three sides by those wishing to drive you into the sea on your other side, you're not going to be so much worried about the high cost of gas. That explains the Zibar-M, one of the baddest-looking off-roader recon vehicles we've seen in a very long time. The Zibar-M (we're told the M stands for "M"ilitary) is the newest light reconnaissance vehicle from Israel's IDO off-road industries with an impressive array of sensors and electronics atop a 20 foot pneumatic telescoping mast. But for those of us lovers of the 4x4, it's not the phallic mast that's getting us pitching our tent.

No, it's the GM crate 383 cub. in. V8 engine mated to a specially re-worked 4L80E overdrive transmission, Atlas II transfer cases and Dynatrac 60 axles. Original suspension and tubular space frame chassis designed by Cohen support the observation mast, hydraulic leveling jacks and a crew of 4 soldiers. Although we'd more likely have three of our buddies and a case of beer, but whatever works for you.

Although Israel doesn't have an automotive industrial infrastructure to speak of; actually it has no automotive industry to speak of except a small Jeep assembly plant, this bad boy will be restricted to military sales only. But we'd love to get one off the aftermarket, wouldn't you? [via Jeepolog]