You Could Have Bought A Revived Aston Martin DB4 GT For A Cool $1.9 Million

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Nearly 60 years after the manufacturer first introduced it, Aston Martin plans to build 25 new track-only models of its DB4 GT—a race car launched in 1959 and driven to victory by Stirling Moss in its debut at Silverstone. The new car costs about half of what the old ones currently go for, but don’t count on getting one.

The new DB4 GTs sold for about $1.9 million at current exchange rates from the British pound, and according to Aston Martin, the historic ones are worth more than $3.7 million currently. But if you had an extra $1.9 million laying around, it’ll just have to stay where it is. Aston Martin announced the revival of the DB4 GT on Friday, and company CEO Andy Palmer tweeted that day that all 25 cars are already sold out.

If you’re curious about what you missed out on, the 25 new DB4 GTs will add to the 75 produced back in the 1950s and ‘60s. With a 3.7-liter straight-six engine, Aston Martin says the two-seater DB4 GT was Britain’s fastest passenger sports car of the era. Just like the original, the new car will have 340 base horsepower and a four-speed manual transmission.


Those who buy—er, “bought”—the new version of the car also have the option to participate in a two-year international driving program that features tracks like Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, the site of Formula One’s season finale. Since the DB4 GT isn’t road legal, the track is where owners will have to have their fun.

The whole program sounds like something of dreams, with expert drivers and a former Le Mans class winner out there to coach owners around the circuits. You can read about it here, but it’ll probably do nothing more than make you sad that there is some happiness money can buy—enough money, that is.