I mean, you could buy it if you had a couple million dollars lying around.

The Ferrari Daytona is one of the all-time greats and the hardtop is pant-wettingly gorgeous. But there are 122 open-topped Spider variants that are fan-friggin-tastic to the point of selling your organs, limbs, imaginary children so you could have one. Outside of a car show or some rich collector's garage, it's unlikely you'll stumble across one of these.

This particular 1973 Spider I found on Auto Trader Classics was owned by none other than the late Don Cornelius, creator and longtime host of that classic show, Soul Train. Yes, we can dig it.

According to the ad, it was originally purchased in Connecticut in 1973, fully optioned out with novelties like air conditioning and radio mounted in a way I like to call Citroen CX-style – vertically. Silver is quite a fetching color on it, too. In 1985, it changed hands to Mr. Soul Train.

Cornelius retained the car for over 20 years, using it on occasion when in California and generally keeping the car at the Beverly Hills Hotel where it was accompanied by s/n 14389, another celebrity-owned Daytona Spyder which Fantasy Junction had the opportunity to handle in 2007.


This car definitely lived the life, being parked in Beverly Hills next to another Daytona. It practically looks like a museum piece, which is probably why it's going for $1,550,000. That's a lot of coin and you'd better have a nice place to park it. But if you owned it and decided to drive it occasionally, you'd experience the almighty Ferrari V12 sound. Can you dance the Soul Train Line to that noise?

And on top of that, it's the only Daytona that can wish you peace, love and soul.


Photo credit Getty Images