You Can't Just Mash The Go Pedal Like It's Mario Kart

Go-karts are the perfect place to satisfy your need for speed, but you may want to remember that the laws of physics still apply in real life.

It always feels bad to get passed like you’re standing still, but I’ll bet the driver with the helmet cam doesn’t feel anywhere near as bad as the lady who slammed into the tire wall at full speed.


Kart-Cam Guy took some time to let the kart warm up, wiggling it a little to get some heat in his tires. His companion? Not so much.

We all know someone who’s done this, and it may very well be you. Maybe their only experience is on a kiddie kart, governed such that keeping your foot planted on the throttle is perfectly fine. Maybe it’s in certain video games where “more throttle equals win” is the rule. Or maybe they’ve only driven on the street and they’re ready to really open it up on the kart track, but no one gave them a basic briefing on why you need to brake the kart before trying to turn.

Either way, there was no way she was going to make this turn.

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