You Can Own This Space Shuttle Food Truck

Calling this thing a "food truck" isn't really accurate. It's really an actual WWII veteran DC-3 that was built onto a GMC chassis for street use in 1976, then had a full commercial kitchen built into it in 2001. Then it was painted to look like the Space Shuttle, since just being a drivable airplane with a kitchen inside it really isn't enough for anyone, right?

They're asking $150,000 for it, but with the shuttle fleet retired and being distributed around the country, there's got to be enough related events happing in the next few years to make a shuttle food truck a gold mine, right? Even if you had to live in it, because you're living in a freaking road-going space shuttle. Most of the interior seems to be kitchen, so you'd be living surrounded by stainless steel and piping and equipment— which will just make that "living on the shuttle" feeling that much more accurate.


I'm certain some enterprising go-getter could make enough money from this to be able to afford a few surplus solid-fuel boosters, which you could easily mount to the shuttle, set it up on a home-built launch tower made of 2x4s, and become either the first person to make a Monte Christo in space or the first truck-chassi'd DC-3 to crash into the ocean. Either way, you'd be a hero.

(Thanks, BoingBoing!)

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