You Can Own The RV Where Dana Plato Died

Are you a Diff'rent Strokes superfan? Do you write erotic Arnold/Dudley slash fiction? Then boy are you in luck, because the Winnebago Dana Plato overdosed in is for sale.

An anonymous tipster with some inside information sent us these photos of the Winnebago, currently in Tulsa, OK. There's a hand-markered "for sale" sign on the windshield, but no online advertisements as of yet. No details of the RV are available, aside from the photos that show it's in pretty serious need of interior work and, of course, it was where Plato overdosed on a combination of Valium and Lortab. The Winnebago seems to be a mid 80s Chieftain model.


Plato's post-sitcom life was genuinely tragic, though she did manage a few notable achievements, namely being the first celebrity of any grade to star in a video game (Night Trap) and being one of the first recognizable celebrities to hold up a video store.

As I write this, It's hitting me how grim this all is. The Winnebago was owned by Plato's son, who committed suicide as well. I don't know if this sort of macabre notoriety enhances the value of an RV or just makes it a miserable, unsaleable heap. I guess the vast market of C-list celebrity death Winnebago enthusiasts will have to decide.

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