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A certain era of children educated in American public schools will remember Sanitare powder as that material janitors used to sprinkle on their vomit. Imagine mixing that with $15,000 in gold paint and you have this, the barfpowder rainbow Lamborghini — once owned by none other than Dennis Rodman.


Flagged by the Cardomain gang as a candidate for worst custom Lambo — and we all know how tough that competition is — the paint on this Gallardo seems to be its only crime against taste, albeit as transgressive and egregious as they come.


Much like Dennis Rodman, the car's only previous owner. Thanks to the sharp eyes of the Jalopnik commentariat, we can confirm this is indeed the 2004 Gallardo Rodman once drove during the 2005 Bullrun race. While his face once adorned its flanks, a subsequent fender-bender led to a more plain respray of the side. With just 7,000 miles at its last posting in March, and some $15,000 in gold paint — not to mention an additional $12,000 in custom Lamborghini wheels.

Then again, who am I to judge? Were someone to park a Gallardo in front of my house, I'd surely get behind the wheel and enjoy the full force of that V10 Italian engine. Then I'd get out, get nauseous, and reach for the Sanitare.

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