You Can Now Watch The Last 11 Years Of Photos Taken Of Saturn And Its Moons

If you’re like me and constantly wonder what cool things are happening out in space, you now have the chance to catch up on the past 11 years of goings on nearby Saturn. That’s right—11 years of imagery from Saturn and its moons.


Perhaps you have a significant date in your life, and you’d just love to know what was going on in Saturn’s orbit at the time—this is your chance!

This video from the Wall Street Journal includes all 341,805 images taken by NASA’s Cassini probe from Feb. 6, 2004 through Sept. 15, 2015, which, at high speed, amounts to a whopping three hours and 48 minutes of video footage. Cassini left Earth in 1997 and entered Saturn’s orbit 11 years ago, which marks the start of this video.


Jumping from shots of Saturn itself to some of the planet’s 62 moons and back again, the video can sort of resemble a strobe light at times. Much shorter videos (yes, we’re talking just a few minutes) featuring some of Saturn’s more popular moons—Enceladus, Mimas, Tethys and Rhea—can be found here.

Of course, we’re not saying that you have to sit around and watch nearly four hours of Saturn photos. But hey, watch however much (or little) you want to. And if you make it through the full thing, let us know. You deserve the biggest strobe-light rave of all strobe-light raves, because you are one tough cookie.

But we’ll probably just congratulate you.

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