You Can Now Vote For Your Favorite Hilarious Doge NASCAR Livery

The community behind the incredibly silly and yet somehow relevant and thought-provoking cryptocurrency DogeCoin just raised a bunch of money to sponsor NASCAR driver Josh Wise at Talladega. And now they need help choosing a livery.

Just to get you up to speed, the DogeCoin community, which was kind of started to be a more Internet-meme-ish take on the more popular BitCoin, has become a semi-legitimate currency in its own right. The community has raised a bunch of money for charity in the past, but when they noticed that Wise was lacking a title sponsor for his ride, they saw both the opportunity for hilarity to ensue, but also an opportunity to attention.


They ended up bringing in more than 67,000,000 DogeCoins, or over 55,000 dollars, to sponsor Wise.

Now it's time to choose a paint job, before Wise hits the track on May 4th.

Community members came up with six different potential liveries, and voting is open to decide which style will bring the power of Doge to the greater world.

You can vote right HERE.

And yes, I'm still amazed that crowdfunding has come to racing sponsorship. It's a genius way not only to bring racing closer to the masses, but it also brings the masses closer to racing. It's a win-win for everybody that loves going fast.



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