You Can Now Make Something This Wonderfully Terrible Thanks To The Russians

When you own a car, you tend to make very careful choices with how you modify it. Chances are you'll need to sell it at some point in the future, and it needs to appeal to more people than just you.

But have you ever wanted to build something seriously ugly, just to see how bad it could be? Well now you can do that for free on the Internet thanks to this amazing Russian tuning site.


Thanks to this wondrous 3D Tuning site from Mother Russia, you can now make all the lowered Ladas and hot rod Renaults you wish. But it isn't just Russian cars either. You can tune BMWs, Audis, Corvettes, and more.

Stop working (come on, it's the last day before the holidays, you aren't doing anything anyway), and show us the best, worst, ugliest, and prettiest creations you can make on in Kinja below.

(A substantial tip of the cap to m2m!)

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