You Can Now Lease A Dodge Hellcat For 'Only' $1 Per Horsepower

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In case you haven’t heard, new car sales are slowing down. They’re still strong, just not insanely strong like in 2015, and so automakers are idling plants and inventory is starting to pile up. Some brands are getting creative to cars off the lot before the year is over. You can even land some great deals on cars that should be hard to get, like a 707 horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat for just $1 per horsepower.


According to the folks over at Cars, there are some tempting factory rebates and incentives on numerous models and even on certain cars that may come as a surprise.

First up is a lease special on a 2016 Challenger Hellcat for $707 a month on a 12,000 mile, 36-month lease. Before you get all excited, wait until you see the down payment. To hit that $707 a month figure Dodge requires you to put $7,707 out of pocket, and that is before any applicable taxes and fees.

Over 10 percent of the MSRP is a lot to put down on a lease, which just goes to show that you can hit pretty much any monthly payment target you like as long as you work the equation right.

If leasing a Hellcat doesn’t sound appealing for that price, you can find some nice discounts on brand new ones if you shop carefully.


Next up is an interesting rebate on the all 2017 Porsche Panamera. The all-new model looks about 10 times better than the one it replaced. Despite the fact that these cars are already pre-sold until April, according to a dealer source that spoke with Cars Direct, Porsche is offering a $4,500 lease credit to lessees of competitor’s cars. That’s a nice incentive to jump from a Mercedes S-Class into a Porsche.


If the new Panamera is still beyond your price range and you don’t mind the awkward aesthetics of the previous generation, dealers are really motivated to clear out the inventory. Which means you could land a deal over $20,000 off the MSRP on a leftover 2015 or 2016 model.


Finally, it seems that Volvo is determined to steal some German sedan buyers with a $3,000 conquest rebate on the all-new S90. It’s a fantastic sedan that is really good, at being... a car. Even though the S90 is all new, Volvo knows it has a battle on its hands for market penetration so it tripled last month’s $1,000 rebate in an effort to sell some cars before the end of 2016.


Of course, even with three grand off the sticker, the S90 can get pricey. For those of you with more modest budgets, leftover 2016 Volvo S60s can be had with up to $10,000 off the MSRP, putting them in the same price range as an Accord or Camry.


There is even a “new” 2015 demo model with less than 9000 for under $22,000. Not bad!


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