You Can Now Buy Brand New TDI Volkswagens With Crazy Discounts And Zero Percent Financing

My friends, the day has come. You can finally buy brand new 2.0-liter TDI Volkswagens with discounts up to $8,500 and zero percent financing for up to 72 months. But you won’t find any information about these awesome deals on VW’s website.

This incredible insider tip comes from our friends at They got a scoop from a Volkswagen spokesperson who confirmed that existing 2015 TDI inventory that has been fixed according to the approved settlement, would be subject to a $5,000 finance rebate in addition to a zero percent financing offer.


CarsDirect is quick to point out that in some metro areas dealers are asking near MSRP for “leftover” TDI models anticipating a pent up demand for these cars.

Also, while that $5,000 discount may sound awesome, that is money direct from Volkswagen and does not include any discounts on the dealer end. Therefore it pays to haggle as hard as you can because it is possible to spot some deals on TDI cars with up to $8,500 off the MSRP.


As for the Jalopnik trifecta of manual, diesel, wagons, depending on the metro area budget-minded shoppers could score one of those for under $20,000.


Due to Volkswagen’s effort to conveniently “forget” the TDI debacle on their website, you won’t see any of these incentives advertised and VW says that they will “vary from dealer to dealer.”

If your local store is holding tight to pricing and hoping for hardcore dieselheads to pay up, be willing to travel or ship a car if it means keeping some money in your pocket.

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