You Can Now Buy A 460 Horsepower C7 Corvette For Under $40,000

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I distinctly remember when someone I know bought a brand new 2014 Corvette Stingray C7 a little over two years ago for almost $80,000. I drooled over it, rode in it and thought: “Man, I hope he lets me drive it.” It’s almost like he could read my mind and immediately gave me a look that said, “You should consider yourself lucky that you’re even sitting in the passenger seat.” In response to that I told myself, “That’s ok, I’m going to buy this in five years for half of what you paid for it.”

Well guess what? I don’t even have to wait five years. That day has already arrived. You can now get your hands today on an amazing C7 Corvette for less than $40,000.

Here is a one owner, clean titled version that comes with a seven-speed manual.

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And it’s not even a base model that only has a steering wheel and door handles. This one comes loaded with things like a 10-speaker Bose audio system, heated and vented seats, custom leather-wrapped interior, navigation, heads-up-display. The works.

If the miles on the above example are too high for your preference then you could opt for a lower mileage one that also comes with a certified warranty. I’m sure you could talk the dealer down to a price that’s under $40,000 to get your hands on this one.

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These low prices for used C7 Vettes aren’t all that difficult to comprehend if you look at what kind of cars GM, Ford and Dodge have been creating lately: the GT350R, Hellcat, the new Z06 and the all new ZL1. It’s a never-ending list of track superstars battling it out for the who-can-go-around-the-Nurburgring-the-fastest trophy. But what for? The people buying these vehicles will undoubtedly keep them permanently stored under covers in temperature-controlled garages. It’s like a bodybuilding competition to see who can lift the most weights. It’s about bragging rights with no practical use for all that muscle and strength. Who cares if you can squat 2,000 pounds unless you’re actually going to carry around a piano on your shoulders every day?


I know of a couple C7 owners who are selling their 2014 models to buy the new 2017 Grand Sport and the Z06. I’m sure some are lusting after the 650 horsepower 2017 Camaro ZL1 with so much rubber on its wheels that it requires half of the Amazon rainforest to be cut down. The things that American companies are doing at the expense of precious natural resources is astounding.

What this means is that the C7 Corvettes are now being offloaded in droves. That’s great for someone like me who will never buy a new car. A low mileage, barely touched, two year-old C7 corvette for under $40,000 seems like a phenomenal deal to me.


While people are paying at least $25,000 more for a 2014 911 Carrera S, you can buy a much cheaper C7 that will match the 911 on performance. As Car and Driver points out, the C7 Corvette doesn’t win on dollars, it wins on sense.

It is absolutely the sensical thing to do—buy a used C7 today!

I know the C7 may not be for everyone but it’s about time that we put to rest the notion that the Corvette is for someone who is fascinated with gold chains, sleeveless white t-shirts and obsessed over feeling alive during retirement. That image needs to go because a used Corvette C7 is the best bargain-basement supercar you can buy today.


Now, let’s assume you paid $35,000 to the dealer who cut you an insane deal. Here’s what you’d get for thirty-five grand.

The C7 Is Super Quick

A 6.2L V8. Even 460 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque. 0-60 mph in a little longer than it takes you to say one-seesevencorvette, two-seesevencorvette, three-seesevencorvette. Need I say more? This is clearly one of the fastest cars on the planet.


Economy And Performance All In One

A 6.2L V8 doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll end up at the gas station every other day. The C7 is one of the only cars in the world where you can hit 60 mph in under four seconds and also get 29 mpg on the highway. Active fuel management will disable four cylinders for you while you’re cruising on the highway getting you that great gas mileage. And when you feel like you need to keep up with that GT-R that just blew past you, simply step on it to instantly call upon all 460 horses.


The Latest And Greatest In Tech

There is a laundry list of tech that’s available in the C7: magnetic ride control, rev-matching, five driving modes, touch screen infotainment system, light-weight design, limited slip-differential and so on. But I don’t need to belabor this point. You can read all about how awesome the C7 in this Jalopnik review.


Looks Like An Exotic 

You might mistake the C7 for a Ferrari in your rear view mirror if you catch sight of one. It has an exotic look that turns heads. Despite what people might think of the Corvette brand, they will likely not ignore a C7 driving by. Of course, they will be crushed when they find out it’s a lowly Corvette and not a Ferrari.

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Feel Good About Being Inside The Car

With the older C6, you might want to immediately jump out of the car as soon as you get in, like you found a dead skunk in it. On the other hand, once you step inside the C7, you’ll want to keep sitting in it and enjoy the classy interior. It’s got it all. What a humongous departure this is from previous generation Corvettes. The look and feel of materials is finally at a level where your significant other won’t be too embarrassed to ride with you in the car.

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Cheap To Maintain 

It’s American! When it comes time to get something fixed, this is when you’ll be overjoyed that you didn’t get an M3 or a 911 instead.


I’ve driven a few C7s and they’re nothing short of amazing cars. I can’t believe that this car can now be purchased for only a few thousand more now than what I paid for an eight year old M5.

If you’re wanting to buy yourself a car for Christmas and have $40,000 to spend, there’s no question that this is the car to buy. Or, wait six months, and buy the same car for $30,000 when Corvette owners are dumping their cars and flocking towards the new ZL1.

There is no such thing as too much power.

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All I got out of this is that a Corvette gets better MPG than my WRX.

And that makes me the tiniest bit salty.