You Can Get Over $9,000 Off A New C7 Corvette If You Already Own A Corvette

Photo: Chevy
Photo: Chevy

If you’re already a Chevy Corvette owner, you’re probably a huge fan of “big deals.” Well, GM is offering up a “big one” as it tries to sell the last of the front-engine C7 Corvettes, now offering over $9,000 to anyone who owns or leases any Corvette. What an upgrade!


The Corvette has been around for over 60 years, which means there are a lot out there and a lot of people who own them. Those people can get up to $9,400 off of a brand new C7 Corvette... today only. Technically you had all holiday weekend but I only caught it now, and the offer could be extended depending on how many models Chevy moves.

If they do not move many, they’ll probably extend it. You could probably even just ask your local dealer, they probably want to get rid of these old, terrible, front-engine Corvettes as well, as engines in the front are for peasants.

Still—this represents one of the biggest discounts on a Corvette, according to GM Authority, which GM doesn’t generally often have to discount too much unless there’s a new generation on the way, which is the case now with the new mid-engine C8 Corvette.

The example offer is for the Z06, but the incentive is listed on Chevy’s website under the Stingray model, and GM Authority confirmed with dealerships that the offer is available on any remaining C7 Corvette models still sitting on the lot.

My only takeaway here is that nearly $10,000 off a new car is too good a deal to not consider if you’re lucky enough to already be a Corvette owner. But there’s also the tough reality that you may be judged for not holding out and dropping a little more on the all-new mid-engine Corvette.

You could have had the good one, the one with the engine behind the driver. But no. You could not turn down a good deal when you see one, you cheap bastard you.


If you’re down for a deal, guess it’s time to dust off that horrible Stingray kit car you try to forget is in the garage and see how far you can bullshit your way into a new C7.

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