You Can Get Crazy Good Deals On A Maserati Right Now

There is something special about driving around in an Italian car. The build quality might not always be perfect, and the reliability may not always be Toyota-grade (read: never), but it makes up for those things with style and passion. Unfortunately for a brand like Maserati, most buyers want to stick with what they know. Bad news for them, but great news for you.


Maserati’s U.S. lineup is only three cars. The aging, but still gorgeous GranTursimo coupe and cabriolet, the Quattroporte, and the Ghibli. The GranTurismo was always a favorite of mine, but I never much cared for the Quattroporte, despite its Italian heritage; I found the styling to be awkward and dated, though Maserati did correct that flaw in 2014. The Ghibli was Maserati’s attempt at taking on the 5-series, E-class, and A6, and it’s decent but hasn’t proven to be a real competitor.

In fact, I had totally forgotten about the Ghibli, but on a recent episode of Million Dollar Listing (a show that my wife watches and therefore I watch) I was reminded of what a beautiful car it was. During the show, Luis, a real-estate broker in NYC, is stuck in traffic in his black Ghibli that he calls,“The fastest car on the planet.”

Now Luis might not be familiar with the Ghibli’s capabilities compared to actual supercars, but when he finally steps on the gas and that wonderful twin-turbo Italian burble fills the air, I can understand why he may think the Maserati is faster than it really is.

That is really the draw of these cars, the sound and the style. As an added bonus you can buy brand new ones with discounts that are almost too good to believe.


If you are going to get yourself an Italian sports car, why not go all the way and get a red one. In fact, if you have no intention of showing up to the local racetrack, treat yourself to a convertible. You can enjoy the Florida sun with this 2015 GranTurismo drop top and a whopping $25,000 discount.


Maybe sports cars and convertibles aren’t your thing and you are looking for a large, luxury sedan, but all the partners at your firm are filling the parking lot with S-class and 7-series. Show up in something different in this 2015 Quattroporte S Q4 and keep over $30,000 in your pocket.


Or you can have the same style as the Quattrporte in a smaller package. If you don’t mind a 2014 leftover, you can score this blue over tan Ghibli S Q4 with a savings of over $16,000.


You see the Maserati isn’t about lap-times or horsepower ratings. It is about sex appeal, which is why Luis likes it, because he is always trying to make his NYC apartments “sexy.”

Very soon you will be able to buy an Alfa sports sedan in the US. We all hope that Alfa makes its American market return with some success, but if Maserati is any type of predictive measure on how hard it is to go up against the Germans, we may see Alfas in a few years with the same insane discounts.


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