You Can Get An Absolutely Insane Deal On The Cadillac ELR Right Now

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No one is going to say the luxurified Chevrolet Volt known as the Cadillac ELR is a bad car; it's just way overpriced. But because the ELR has been such a slow-seller, dealers are offering some incredible discounts on it at the moment. If you want the luxury Volt, there are ways to get it on the cheap.

The ELR starts at $75,000, which is a lot to ask for a small, front-wheel drive coupe even if it does have an excellent combined fuel economy rating of 82 MPGe. At that price it's hard to make a case for it over the vastly superior Tesla Model S besides the fact that the ELR can also run on gas if it has to.


But Transport Evolved reports dealers are offering huge drops in price on new ELR models, and with federal and state tax credits, some of them can be had for as much as $20,000 below their sticker price.

They're right. A quick search on found about 125 or so new 2014 ELR models for sale well below $70,000, some of them as low as $55,000. There are plenty in the mid-$50k and $60k range.

That's a lot closer to what the ELR probably should have cost in the first place, and it strikes me as a fantastic deal. It's a lot more reasonable than $75,000 or more, at least.

Anyway, if you're in the market for an ELR, note that there are ways to get this car for far, far below its sticker price. Anytime you can nail down a $20,000 discount on a car, you've done alright.