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You Can Get A Nissan Juke That's Painted Just Like My Beetle!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I did a massive spit-take all over the back of the journalist in front of me when I saw this one. Nissan's making a Juke that's in what I always considered to be my own, personal livery? I asked the spit-upon journalist to pinch me to see if I was dreaming, but the dude just slapped me.

I'm not saying I own yellow and black thick/thin racing stripes, of course, but it's a look I've identified with for a long time. To me, this look means my Beetle, the Torchbug, my longtime car. I didn't actually think Nissan was thinking of me, of course, but I did want to find out who has such great taste at Nissan.


I spoke with folks at the Nissan booth and found that this look was a sort of last-minute combination of graphics and colors you can get right from the Juke website. Look, I even went through the steps to recreate it on the kiosk they had there:


So, great job on the livery options, Nissan. Now send me a press one of these so I can take all kinds of photos of it with my Beetle, please. Thanks.

Oh, and if you want to name it the Torchjuke, I'm cool with that.