You Can Get A New Ram For Crazy Cheap Because Not Enough People Are Buying Them

We live in some odd times, where an automaker’s best selling and most profitable vehicle is having trouble finding customers. Some of the latest Ram trucks aren’t selling that well, which means some massive discounts for you.

Automotive News reports that in an unprecedented move, Fiat Chrysler will allow Ram dealers to put some of their 1500 series trucks into their loaner fleet this month in order to consider those units “sold.” Now this kind of shuffling to hit sales targets happens with some frequency time in the industry, and it shows you what a shell game sales numbers can be, but it almost never happens on what historically is FCA’s best selling model.


The takeaway from that report is that Ram dealers are really motivated to make some trucks sales and are willing to offer massive discounts on the remaining 2018 inventory to make way for the updated 2019 Ram 1500.

Ram’s website is advertising over $12,000 in potential savings on a leftover 2018, but there could be even more discounts available.


If you just need a basic truck to get something done and thought that a new one would be beyond your reach, it may be possible to score a 1500 Tradesman or ST for under $20,000. Not bad.


These trucks aren’t too fancy, but will offer you get you plenty of hauling power and a lot more warranty than something on the pre-owned market with a lot more miles.

Perhaps you’re frustrated with the Raptor markups and want something that can hit the trails, but you don’t need it to be as extreme as the Ford. There are plenty of deals to be had on Rebels.


Or maybe you are one of those fancy truck folks that want your pickup kitted out like a luxury car. If that is the case Laramie Longhorns can be had over 20 percent off.


Of course the big caveat to all of these advertised prices is that they may include rebates that are stacked together, some of which you won’t qualify for. While it may be worth buying a truck for a steal a few states away, always get your prices worked out in writing to make sure the discounts apply accurately.


(Correction: Due to an editing error we mistakenly said that the 2019 Ram isn’t selling well, when it is the 2018 model that is falling behind in sales. We have corrected the model year in the first paragraph.)

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