You Can Finally Get A Deal On A 2020 Toyota Supra

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Like most hyped-up sports cars the all-new Toyota Supra suffered from the usual dealer markups when it first launched. For those of you who held out and don’t care about the upgrades for the 2021 model, Toyota has some deals for you with 0 percent financing and a hefty rebate


The A90 Toyota Supra might have been the most hyped car in the past five years. It is objectively a good car, but a lot of Supra fans feel like they didn’t get what they wanted since it has the heart of a BMW and no manual gearbox. The 2021 model cranks up the power, adds a four-cylinder “entry-level” model, but for some strange reason doesn’t get the upgraded infotainment that is found in the Supra’s sister car the BMW Z4.

If you are shopping for a Supra this Memorial Day weekend, our friends at got the scoop on some updated offers from Toyota on the 2020 models that will carry through the rest of the month.

Senior pricing analyst Alex Bernstein breaks it down -

Starting today, all 2020 Supras are eligible for 0% APR for up to 60 months in most parts of the country. Previously, there were no special rates whatsoever. On a $50,000 car, this can equate to a difference of over $6,600 in interest and a monthly payment that’s $111 lower than a conventional 5-year loan at 5% APR.

If you’re willing to turn down 0% APR, Toyota is offering a massive $3,500 rebate. Believe it or not, that’s actually the largest single discount on any 2020 Toyota, surpassing a $2,750 rebate on the Tundra here in Southern California. It replaces a $2,000 dealer incentive Toyota has been offering unbeknownst to consumers.


A nationwide search reveals some better than average advertised discounts on the 2020 Supra, though it is likely many of these prices already include the $3500 customer cash rebate.

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From the Cars Direct story, Alex explains that taking the 0 percent over the rebate is likely better move -

“For example, a 5-year loan at 0% for a $50,000 car would cost $50,000 at $833/month before taxes & fees. With a $3,500 rebate, the same car would cost $52,651 at $878 based on a loan at 5%. That’s a difference of over $2,600 in terms of total cost with a $45 advantage in the monthly payment to boot.”


If the A90 Supra is your kind of car with these new discount programs it may no longer be more than you can afford...pal.

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Is this surprising? The Supra has been getting hammered in the press lately. I expect more discounts.

The suspension tuning is poor, the steering is numb, you can’t drive with the windows down.  They ignored enthusiastswho want three pedals. They’re going to collect dust.