You Can Customize Your C8 Corvette's VIN for $5,000

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Photo: Chevrolet

Maybe you’re seriously considering the 2020 C8 Chevy Corvette. If so, then you’d want to make the car yours by personalizing the hell out of it, right? Well, now you can take the customization a step further and even mess with the car’s vehicle identification number.

Apparently, buyers will be able to customize the last five digits of the 17-digit VIN when they buy the car from the factory, according to CarsDirect, citing a Chevrolet order guide. The option will cost $5,000, which works out to $1,000 a digit, a General Motors spokesperson confirmed to the outlet.

Unlike other customization parts, which are theoretically all removable and replaceable, the VIN is permanent (unless you are a car thief). So even if you sell your mid-engine Corvette one day, it will always bear the proof of your ownership. It also probably makes the car pretty easy to track down if you ever want to find it again. That’s kind of neat.


Five digits isn’t that many, but it’s still enough room for some fun. Here are a few of my suggestions:

  • 42069 (nice)
  • P4NIC
  • ANG5T
  • L000L
  • SMDH1

I’ve made my feelings about bumper stickers clear, and I’m not a fan of customized license plates, but I like this idea. It’s subtle and hidden most of the time. Only you would really know about it. Nobody goes up to a car at a cars and coffee event, looks straight down the windshield and bellows, “NICE VIN, BRO.”


But for $5,000? Feels a little steep.