When you buy a sports car for a price that’s many thousands of dollars less than when it was new, that’s called depreciation. However, when you buy a mammoth Nissan GT-R that’s nearly new for less than half of the price of a showroom model today, that’s a bargain and a half.

This 2009 Nissan GT-R is the supercar that shouldn’t exist. First, it’s quite large. It’s also quite heavy. It has a transmission that you can stick in automatic mode. It has four seats, four wheel drive, and decent visibility around the cabin. The engine is in the front, and it’s powered by six cylinders. It shouldn’t work.

But I’m so glad that Nissan finally got over those pesky laws of physics to produce a car that would eat a Porsche 911 Turbo’s lunch. It’s an amazing successor to the R34 Skyline that was immortalized in popular culture and will never be forgotten as Nissan’s best performing car to date. It’s also an astonishing bargain, as you’d be able to haggle this Premium example within spitting distance of 50 grand on the dot.


This clean-titled, one-owner, 37,000 mile car is one that shouldn’t be as cheap as it is, but the market is currently trending downward for early models, as I have predicted in the past. It will appreciate in the future, but that shouldn’t be the reason to buy one.

The sole purpose to get a Nissan GT-R should be to drive it until you’re no longer wearing pants. It should be a ridiculous car that can rip your face off with lateral G and blend in to your apartment complex’s parking deck without fuss. It’s the everyman’s supercar.


If I had the money to buy this car and didn’t spend it on Craigslist specials like I do now, I’d pick this car up, spend a five figure sum on the engine and drivetrain and catapult myself to four figure horsepower to remind myself speed can still be scary. It’s an amazing starting point for anyone wanting to get into the exotic car market without paying the exotic car maintenance prices. Sure, it’s not a Nissan Sentra in terms of parts prices, but it’s entirely reasonable when you put it next to something like a Ferrari 360, which costs more than this GT-R does, despite the GT-R being able to blow its doors off like it was being paid by the government to do so.

For those that have never driven a GT-R and can afford one, do it. You won’t regret it.

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