Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to one of the most beautiful cars ever made, for any price. Every single angle absolutely oozes an unmistakable sense of style, with a sprinkling of brute force to keep things interesting. All this universal appeal can be had for less than the price of a used, moderately-equipped SUV. It does not get any better.

This 2005 Aston Martin DB9 is a supercar. It is an exotic. And it is absolutely timeless. Its 450 horsepower 6.0 liter V12 and six-speed ZF automatic transmission propels the car from zero to 60 miles per hour in just about four seconds, which isn't the quickest performer in its original price range, but that's the point with an Aston - it doesn't matter. This car is at home at any country club, fine restaurant, or supermarket parking lot. It's truly a supercar that you can use as your only car, which makes it an insane value.

The car has a few aftermarket modifications, like a pearl white vinyl wrap and carbon fiber headlight housings, but despite these non-OEM additions and the relatively high 70,000+ mile figure, the car looks to be in phenomenal shape, with its clean vehicle history report. Here's an excerpt from the description:

Mechanically sound, just had a point by point inspection and all minor issues corrected by Autoscope of Dallas. Unbelievable satin pearl white wrap , carbon fiber highlights. Amazing halo and led headlights. 2014 LOOK, looks better than the $240K new db9 in my opinion.Options:-Navigation System-Linn 260W 5.1 sound system-Rear parking sensor-Folding mirrorsStandard features include the works, power seats, power windows, keyless entry, HID lights, etc.Imperfections (as in pictures)-3 spots of paint damage: 2 spots on rear bumper , 1 spot on driver's side quarter panel (near door)-bottom of front bumper damaged (the car sits VERY low) but a front lip spoiler covers itno visible blemishes as the AMAZING wrap is flawless.


I'm an unapologetic fan of Aston Martin's mid-2000s lineup. I've met both major designers Henrik Fisker and Ian Callum, and I have a V12 Vantage poster hanging above my bed, so it's safe to say I'm a bit biased. Having said that, this car is a value that doesn't come around very often, if at all. It's a true-to-life everyday exotic that needs to be hooned, cruised, and enjoyed for many, many years to come. Maintenance isn't unreasonable and most mechanical parts can be sourced from Ford at a bargain price, relative to other exotics of the era. Get it before I max out my credit cards and buy it.

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