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As of November 2015, U.S. Speciality Vehicles is taking orders on the Rhino XT. It’s a complete off-road luxury conversion for the current Jeep Wrangler that transforms it into a dead-ringer for the Hummer HX concept from 2008.

Under the slabby skin, you’re looking at stock-standard a 2012+ Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with the regular ol’ 3.6 V6, driveline and suspension. Which of course, you could upgrade thanks to that truck’s massive aftermarket.


There’s mention of interior touches (“Designer Premium Leather Seats With USSV Emblem”) but no official images of the doors open yet. Just the shot above and this one of a pair:

In case you’ve forgotten what the Hummer HX looked like, here’s the concept we saw seven years ago:


So yeah, they’re pretty much identical.

The Rhino XT is $75,000. The Wrangler you’d want to build it on, the nicest Rubicon Unlimited, is about $45,000 making this a $30,000 wardrobe change.


Tough value proposition at that price but it does look cool.

The design has been floating around since the summer, but we’re told U.S. Speciality Vehicles is officially in the business of selling the Rhino XT as of last month. We’ve reached out to them to find out if they’ve had many bites. And also to GM, to see if they have any beef with this.


But we do know the Rhino XT is real, because people saw it at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show just a few days ago. Presumably some GM designers would have seen it as well...

We’ll keep you posted on what we hear. Meanwhile, what do you think of this thing? And what price would entice you to get one?


Images via U.S. Specialty Vehicles, GM

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