Screencap via Gordon Brothers
Screencap via Gordon Brothers

Dearly departed Formula One backmarkers Manor have officially ceased to be, therefore, their stuff is up for sale in order to pay off the team’s assorted debts. Everything from a 6:1 wind tunnel model of Manor’s stillborn 2017 car design to enough wheels to shame a hellaflush kid is up for sale. Who needs some F1 kit?

Gordon Brothers is hosting an online auction of the team’s stuff, which includes not only F1 parts, but heavy-duty equipment and even office furniture. Here’s the full run-down, as posted on their site:

  • 4 x Manor Racing Formula 1 Rolling Chassis Show Cars (2015/2016)
  • 2017 Manor Formula 1 Wind Tunnel Model (6:1)
  • Pit Lane Equipment
  • Manor Racing Drivers and Race Team Clothing & General Merchandise
  • Test Jigs, Engineering & Inspection Equipment
  • Large Quantity of Consumables
  • 5 x Formula 1 Car Steering Wheels
  • 2014/2015/2016 Car Parts to include 3 x Tubs, over 200 Wheel Rims, Tyres, Nosecones, Panels, Engine Covers, Rear Wings etc.
  • 2 x Pop Up Trailers and Hospitality Trailer
  • Gazebo’s, Banner Boards, Flight Cases & Freight Cages
  • Office Furniture and I.T.

The most interesting bit of that, of course, is the model of the 2017 car they were working on up until a few weeks ago, when the team finally pulled the plug on any hopes of competing this year.

The 2017 car. Photo credit: Gordon Brothers
The 2017 car. Photo credit: Gordon Brothers

The Manor race car doesn’t look as complex as some of the other 2017 F1 cars we’ve seen so far this year, but it was, of course, still in development when work stopped on it .

Either way, it’s fascinating to look at photos of what might have been for the folks at Manor in 2017. Check out those cool upside-down-L-shaped parts on the wing that frame the nose, for one.

If you’ve always wanted to own some crazy pieces from a Formula One team, now is your chance.


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