Prestige and exclusivity don't always need to be imported. Case in point: this brutish, home-grown 10-cylinder slice of 'merican pie known as the Dodge Viper GTS. Not only has this amazing car aged remarkably well, but it's depreciated to the point that it's cheaper than a modestly-optioned Honda Accord EX-L.

This 1996 Dodge Viper GTS is perhaps the most iconic viper ever made. To mistake this car for anything else borderlines on criminal, with its flowing lines and outlandish shape commanding attention wherever it goes. In stock trim, its 8-liter, 450 horsepower V10 engine got the stylish coupe from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4 seconds flat, which, if you're in possession of a functioning nervous system, is damn fast.

However, this car isn't exactly stock. From the seller's description, here are the engine mods:

Full Belanger exhaust system (headers & exhaust, cat delete)

Ported & Polished heads

T&D rocker rollers

Aluminum flywheel

Upgraded ignition plugs/wires

High-flow intake

5 point racing harness

With these choice add-ons, the car reportedly makes 507 wheel horsepower, or roughly 589 crank horsepower, which, in a car like this, is a very, very good thing.


This car looks to be in phenomenal condition, priced much lower than any other GTS in the market - especially for one with no accidents and requiring no reconditioning. If you're looking to start a car collection or want an insane weekend driver that will give any Corvette owner a jealous expression, look no further. It's a rare gem that will appreciate in the coming years, so get it while it's hot.

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